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  • Becky Foreman

Sixty is the new forty

As a proud member of the baby boomer generation, I have begun to hear this more and more frequently: “Sixty is the new forty”. I know this may seem like wishful thinking, but in fact there is quite a bit of scientific evidence to back it up. People of my generation are living longer, healthier, more active lives than any of our predecessors. The question is, what do we do with these “extra” years? Many of us have no interest in sitting quietly by the fire (except perhaps on the occasional cold winter day) but are also not content to stay on the same, predictable path that seems to be leading us directly into a rocking chair on a porch. So what do we do? We plan, strategically! We create our own visions, and design our futures accordingly. Just as with organizations, individuals can, and should, create, and recreate, their personal mission and destination and then chart a course that will take them there. This works at any age. After all, if sixty is the new forty, then forty is the new twenty, right? If you feel stuck, the first step is to visualize where you really want to be, and what you want to do. Imagine what would give your life meaning and joy. And then write it down! Formalize your vision and make it real. And then you can begin to chart your path. Remember: your journey is never done. There is always a new road to explore. This is what strategic planning has taught me, and it is why I love what I do.

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