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“A great leader is not a searcher for consensus, but a molder of consensus”
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


ToP Facilitation Methods

Explore the landscape of facilitation and learn three key processes for activating group participation in our acclaimed flagship course.

ToP Facilitation Methods Leadership Edition

A sister to our flagship facilitation course, this extended three-day version highlights the role of the facilitative leader and offers additional practice opportunities in a more relaxed environment.

ToP Strategic Planning

Weave a variety of ToP Facilitation Methods into an integrated approach to strategic planning, resulting in strong consensus around a realistic, achievable, measurable plan.

Accelerated Action Planning

Plan and prepare a group project for launch, and develop shared commitment to timelines, tasks, and success measures in the time it takes to have a regular staff meeting.

ToP Secrets of Implementation

You created an inspiring vision and a great plan... now how do you actually get it DONE? This course offers a rich toolkit to keep plans and projects alive, relevant, and achievable during implementation.


Visit the ToP website for training dates and locations.

All courses are also available as in-house trainings.  

Contact me for more information.

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