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Great Feedback

Client Testimonials

“Becky Foreman and her staff assisted OctoClean in the creation of our first collaborative three-year strategic plan. Becky led my staff and my executive team through a complex process with grace and ease. The results of our engagement have been astounding! My staff is engaged and charging forward with “their” plan and together we are achieving more than we expected.”

Matthew Stowe, Chief Operating Officer OctoClean

“If you are ever considering hiring a strategic planner for your business/non-profit, look no further.  Becky Foreman is a phenomenal strategic planning facilitator. Our nonprofit is over 40 years old and as many of you in business know it takes time and effort to continue down the road to success. Our group had been working for over a year on designing our future and transcending our organization to the present day and time. Just our luck, Becky Foreman was brought to our attention.  Becky was able to walk us through this unique process.  Not only do we have a plan in place, but we have been able to identify how to continue to grow and move beyond these next few years. Becky handled herself in the most professional manner. She is able to keep the group focused and moving forward and easily deals with a diverse group of people. This was an amazing experience which I will remember always. I am truly thankful to have done this work with such a wonderful, insightful and delightful person as Becky.  Thank you Becky, for what you do!”

Danielle Benson, President PAR

We used Becky and her expertise in ToP facilitation to bring together a region. Assembly Bill 86 (AB86) is a state mandate to bring both community colleges and adult schools to the table to work together and create a seamless transition for adults in our region. In using ToP facilitation we were able to host a series of meetings that brought together community college administrators and faculty, adult school administrators and faculty, ROP administrators and faculty, and other community adult education providers. The conversations were very productive and in a 4 month period were able to put together a regional plan that answered all the state objectives, built stronger regional relations, and had fun along the way. Many regional participants of the consortium attended, along with myself, a ToP training session, and I am now using it in a myriad of settings. ToP is indeed the method for gathering information from experts in a participatory way that does lead to results.

Emma Diaz, Project Coordinator Inland AEBG Collaborative

“This was a first class workshop. The leaders are  top notch professionals. If you are a NP manager looking for ways to activate group participation, this workshop is the ticket!!! It helps groups think, talk and work together.”

Michael Kogutek, Executive Coaches of Orange County

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